Conductores y peatones coinciden: los patinetes eléctricos son peligrosos

Europa Press 17/01/2019 Ocho de cada 10 conductores y peatones españoles (concretamente, el 82%) consideran peligrosos los vehículos de mo...

miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

60.000 peatones multados en 2014 en Dubai por cruzar fuera de pasos de peatones

Dubai Police fine over 60,000 for jaywalking in 2014

$3.4m collected in fines last year for crossing at incorrect locations in Dubai

Dubai Police issued fines of almost $3.5 million to people who were caught jaywalking in the emirate.

The latest statistics show that five people were killed and 94 injured due to incidents of people being run over during the first four months of this year.

Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, head of traffic police, said people are running across streets, “unaware that they are sprinting towards death”.
“They were unknowingly taking their last steps in life. A zebra crossing would be just a few metres away and they’d still avoid using it, all to save a few minutes,” he told Gulf News.

Al Mazroui said a total of 64,261 people were fined for not using designated crossing areas. Fines for each offence is $54 (AED200), which makes a total of $3,498,959 (AED 12,852,200) issued in fines during 2014.

Already this year, Dubai Police has fined 17,326 people for jaywalking ($943,386 in fines). Police will target areas where accidents have taken place.

“Time and time again, we insist the public use only designated crossing areas but it seems that it falls on deaf ears since they seem to do it right in front of police officers. We are going to apply strict measures for the public to pay attention to the dangers of crossing highways and streets from undesignated locations,” Al Mazroui said.

He added that motorists will also face a fine and six points on their licence for failing to give priority to pedestrians at zebra crossings. On its list of fines, Dubai Police can issue a fine of $136 (AED500) for not giving pedestrians way on pedestrian crossings.

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